Children’s Books

The Twilight Princess

The Twilight Princess can only enjoy playing in the park at night, she wants nothing more than to see the colours of the flowers in the day. Every night a boy notices her from his window and decides to help her play in the park in the day.

A beautifully illustrated, magical story with a unique style. The Twilight Princess is the second children’s book from author Joe Duncombe and illustrator Cong Nguyen.

Dog Tails: The Swashbuckling Adventure

Pirates, dogs and treasure islands!

Black Eyed Burt and Floppy Molly are searching for the legendary Golden Bone. Many failed expeditions lead them to learning that the real treasure they have, is that of their friendship.

The first book of the Dog Tails series written by Joe Duncombe, a script writer and author who lives with several dogs that may turn up throughout the series.

“Adventure Story with a Heartfelt Message!”

“Allows children to have an imagination again!”

“A beautiful short story about friendship”